The 6th Egyptian International Trauma Conference

What is the Egyptian International Conference?

Holistic trauma care, from “resuscitation to rehabilitation" is inclusive and is a team approach of the pivotal role played by the pre-hospital personnel, nursing, medical and rehabilitation colleagues, therefore this conference aims at bringing all specialists in the field of trauma care and allied specialists together. The main objective of his conference is to exchange ideas, experiences and lessons learned about the role of internationally accepted systems and protocols in the field of trauma care, mass causality, and disasters.

The conference will bring together delegates and distinguished eminent speakers from across the world. Such a big event would be incomplete without the active participation of various national and international societies/ Associations/ Groups/ NGO’s working for the care of the injured . We solicit active participation of all such societies and collaboration by bringing in their members as delegates and faulty to this international event. We are looking forward to your enthusiastic participation.

This meeting will enlighten us regarding implementing a national trauma system in developing world and highlight on issues pertaining to injury Prevention Programme, trauma registry, major trauma in children, the evolution of trauma resuscitation, damage control Resuscitation, early Burns management, acute management of the neurotrauma Patient, the management of mass casualty incidents, pre-hospital medicine updates, simulation in major trauma team training, the human factors and many more. The congress will also include various pre-conference trauma and critical care related workshops.